How to Navigate Your PDS Account via Web?
Updated over a week ago

When you log into your PDS account, the navigation bar will appear at the top of your account web page. You can navigate through the various sections available.

You'll notice the following icons at the top navigation:

  1. PDS Logo: To access the Homepage.

  2. Attachment Quiz: Share the quiz with friends and family.

    Community: Join our supporting and loving community.

    Webinars & Events: Sign up for the latest webinars and events.
    Book: Learn about Thais’ new book, Learning Love.
    Certification: Learn about The Gibson Integrated Attachment Theory™ Certification Training.
    My Dashboard: The place to track your growth and transformation.

  3. Profile Picture: To access Coaching, Account Settings, Certification, Support, or to Log out of your account.

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